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Speick Amytis Concentrate Organic Wash Care

Speick Amytis Concentrate Organic Wash Care

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Amytis Washing and Care Concentrate is a special detergent with a fibre care effect for all textiles made from natural protein fibres. The special, organic detergent is ideal for cashmere, wool, silk, down as well as sports and functional textiles. Amytis washes in a natural way that cares for fabrics, protects colours and protects the skin.

We recommend washing your pet blanket with Amytis. This way, you can enjoy the blanket for a long time and maintain the softness and purity of the wool blend.

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Discover the power of nature with our natural care products!

With the carefully selected ingredients, our care products are gentle and environmentally friendly without compromising on cleaning performance. Amytis from Speick is powerful in its cleaning power and at the same time gentle on natural fibres. The best care for wool and cashmere!

High-quality care for a hygienic environment.

Cleanliness is important, because cleanliness is not just a question of external appearance, but also an essential factor for the well-being of our fur noses. Our natural care for wool and cashmere is not only effective in cleaning, but also gentle on all natural fibres. The fine noses of our four-legged friends thank us for care without harmful chemicals.

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