How it all began...

We are Raphaela and Tina from pet-cashmere. We have been working together in the fashion industry for a long time. Time and again, we noticed that every time we had a cashmere jumper lying around, one of our cats was purring and pawing contentedly within minutes. As pet lovers and cat owners, the idea of pet-cashmere was quickly born. A sustainable and natural blanket for animals, produced fairly and - most importantly - loved by our furry friends.

Our top seller in March

Kaschmir Decken

Cashmere blankets

There is no softer place to lie. Our pets have a flair... 

  • Karin T./Munich

    My two cats love the blankets from pet-cashmere. Since I've had the blankets, I can control exactly where my two little ones lie. And the designer armchair is fur-free ;-)

  • Nina H./Marquartstein

    Finally a product without polyester on the pet market. People are always looking for organic and eco-friendly products, but for pets, only synthetic fibres are usually available for beds or blankets. A great product that my dog Chico accepted immediately. Thank you!

  • Silvia W./Cologne

    Super cute blanket that even fits my 7kg cat. Many thanks for the lovely packaging. I am totally thrilled and will order again.


You can see the quality of our cashmere blankets for yourself at the es ce concept boutique in Schwabing. All models and colours are in stock. The es ce concept team and we look forward to seeing you!


Welcome to pet-cashmere

pet-cashmere combines a love of
animals and an enthusiasm for the noblest of all fibres, high-quality
cashmere wool. The idea for our cashmere blankets arose from observing
the cats, which always lay purposefully on the most beautiful cashmere jumpers
. They felt the light, warming fabric and cuddled on the jumpers
and cardigans. So the two of us, Tina and Raphaela, the founders of
pet-cashmere, designed a wonderful cashmere blanket and looked for small, high-quality
manufacturers to produce it. The special thing about this is the idea of sustainability. We consider it very important to use only natural fibres for our blankets, to protect nature and the environment and at the same time to create great individual new products. Convinced that every pet owner and, above all, the pets themselves appreciate the quality of pure and natural fibres, we have visited numerous production sites to see for ourselves the quality and processing of the high-quality fibres. Now the time has come for us to
offer cashmere blankets made from the finest cashmere and pure wool for our favourite
"customers" - all pets, such as
cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our pet blankets are made in a small manufactory in Kathmandu. We are delighted to realise our idea and to combine our love for animals with our years of experience in the world of fashion and the processing of cashmere. Let us inspire you and enjoy the
well-being of your favourite pet. Your furry friend will love the cashmere blanket and enjoy lying on it. Try it out and choose your
favourite colour!